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"I hired Jim recently for conceptualization and development of a direct mail package. He exceeded my expectations -- which is a normal thing for Jim to do – going above and beyond the call of duty. A pleasure to work with all the time.”

Denise (DiNorscia) Williams ,
Director of Strategic Marketing
Goodman Marketing Partners


“I have worked with Jim over the years, particularly with my company's magazine. His copywriting, creativity, interviewing and research skills are qualities that are hard to find in one person … He "gets" what you are trying to convey and then figures out a way to implement it … always strives for the best results."

Mike Bunner
Ass't. VP, Electronic Marketing
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union


"Murph and I first worked together in '96 at Devon Direct … Right off the bat, I developed a true respect for the man and his ability to dig through creative strategies and find the best answers."

John Bell
Freelance Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Cartoonist
John Bell Art

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This promotional piece, usually about the size of a dollar bill, is great for hyping special offers, limited-time deals and more. Often printed on a different color, it can be slipped into a mailing at the last minute to boost response.
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