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Best Marketing Books

Here's my list of the best marketing books that I have read … and that have helped me in my career. I think they are essential parts of every marketer's library.

Art of Innovation: Tom Kelly – Ideo’s very effective  brainstorming techniques
Breakthrough Advertising: Eugene M. Schwartz – how to write ad copy
Commonsense Direct Marketing: Drayton Bird – his title says it all
Differentiate or Die: Jack Trout – how to stand out or get out
Direct Marketing: Ed Nash – covers just about everything
EVEolution: Faith Popcorn – how to really market to women
Great Print Advertising: Tony Antin – great book for both art and copy
How to Advertise: Kenneth Roman and Jane Maas – very comprehensive and clear
How to Get Ideas: Jack Foster – an outstanding book on boosting creativity
How to Make Your Advertising Make Money: John Caples – lots of DOs & DON’Ts
How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Michael J. Gelb – 7 steps to genius
How to Write a Good Advertisement: Victor O. Schwab – great people insights
Jump Start Your Brain: Doug Hall – check out his flapdoodle technique
Leap: Bob Schmetterer – creative business ideas
Ogilvy on Advertising: David Ogilvy – still one of the best references of all
Profitable Direct Marking: Jim Kobs – tons of offer ideas and more
Successful Direct Marketing Methods: Bob Stone – “the Bible”
Tested Advertising Methods: John Caples – superb info on real-world testing
Truth, Lies & Advertising: John Steel – brings marketing and creative together
The Synonym Finder: J.L. Rodale – better than any thesaurus; absolutely essential

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