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Jim Murphy

How Jim Murphy can help you
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Jim is "The Maximizer." He is one of very few direct marketing copywriters with experience in direct sales. So he understands the sales process inside and out. And he uses unique facts, benefits and credibility … plus brainpower … to convince your prospects and customers to buy from you. That's his secret weapon. And it works.

A top copywriter at direct marketing (DM) agencies for almost 20 years, Jim has also run his own successful business the last six. In an outstanding career, he's competed for results and market share against the best in the business ... and brought in an extraordinary return on investment (ROI) for his clients.

Specializing in Payoff Marketing™

Jim has produced remarkable results for such diverse companies as Philadelphia Magazine, JI Case, ADT Security Services, Nextel and more, both at direct marketing agencies and on his own.

How? He uses his direct sales experience to convince your potential customers to try your product or service. That sales experience has helped make him a copywriting winner time after time.

Jim's award-winning, results-getting creative has ranged from a large box for Nextel to a self-mailer for ADT Security Systems that sold over $2 million in closed-circuit TV cameras to retailers.

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He has written revenue-producing:

Direct mail
Point-of-Purchase Kits
Sales Promotion Audiotapes
Web Sites
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Use Jim and you'll find weekly and monthly marketing meetings far more enjoyable. You'll produce better numbers, improve your ROI and make yourself more valuable and more promotable.

Make your marketing pay off.
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Fast Facts
Pure Genius
Ad guru Claude C. Hopkins, author of Scientific Advertising, pushed Schlitz Beer from fifth to first place by explaining in detail what made the beer pure. All manufacturers used the same methods. Schlitz was just the first to talk about them.
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